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Finally it's here, non VR version meant for the average user. VR versions to come earlier next year!

PC Beta Download Available!

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Jan 19th 2019, at the Seaway Mall Library, we'll be demoing both the PC Version and Oculus Go version of this Gallery. 

Welland Library Show


VR RollerCoaster

The Experience will feature an assortment of tracks to choose from, many of them are like a rollercoaster for the Mobile version next year. Currently though, it's free roam with the Oculus Go / HTC Vive


The BETA is here, download the PC Version. VR Version will be made available soon.

Local Artists

23 Artists and 110 pieces of art, in 6 rooms of a gorgeous high quality 3D Environment. We're the first ever to do this fully immersive in Ontario!

Photo Gallery

Adam Dellow

Is the creative director of VENA VR, but specializing in the creation of the VR experience.

"I wanted to create a gallery event for my fellow members in a Facebook group, so I figured, how hard would a VR gallery be?"

Desiree Venoit

Concept Artist, Designer, and contributor to major functions of the project.

You'll see Desiree's work mostly in the environment's of the VR Rooms.


Sándor Bascó

A man of many talents, so it's hard to pin this member down to anything. Mostly though, if you're in a meeting with VenaVR, you'll be sitting with him.

If not, you can see his amazing art in the Guided Tour.

meet the team



"Local Art on local walls"

Virtual Art Show

Virtual Experience of Niagara Artists


This group was created to deliver a VR guided tour experience, which is a virtual Art Gallery, but it can be so much more.

Currently we have a core of 4 people that stemmed from various Arts Committees, Organizations, and Groups to produce a highly motivated and skilled machine. 

We plan on making this like a mix between a roller coaster experience, and a place of discovery for hidden talents all over the Niagara Region. We display their art in modern style galleries, but most of all in frames mounts, and proper lighting, all real time in 3D.

We are making this for Mobile, using Google Cardboard, however, we are also going to adjust this for the HTC Vive and Occulus rift for free roam features. 

Artists Of Niagara

An associated Arts Collective

Composed of 620+ members, this Art group in a region of Southern Ontario that exists (currently of this writing) entirely on Facebook, and acts as a grass roots initiative to help promote events, share works in progress, and network with like-minded  creative professionals. 

We turned a bug into a feature with a previous venue we were going to go in a different direction with to celebrate these Artists, but decided that this would be more engaging. Within a month we had a working demo, and a clear path to compiling this. 

The Artists of Niagara are from Welland, ST. Catharines, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, FontHill, Pelham, Fort Eerie, Wainfleet, and part of Lincoln, and Vineland. AoN focusses mostly on the Traditional forms, however there are many members who also are involved with Digital work as well.

Atom Dellow


Atom Dellow is a game developer that builds projects with Unreal Engine, and a thick tool set of 3D Environments and for Digital Sculpting. Having no formal Art Training, or Post Secondary Education on this industry, he has had to learn everything from trial and error, and youtube videos learning dozens of systems (Unreal Engine, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Illustrator, ect)

However, with all the many hats, he is grateful for a team he happily calls friends, for with out them, getting this to the goal line might never happen! 


4gb of Ram or Higher
i3 Intel Processor
GTX 550 Ti / HD 5770
and 1.4 gb of HDD

8gb of Ram
i7 intel Processor
GTX 970 / RX 570



For Win 8.1 or earlier
You will  need WinRar to
Open this up, which is
a free trial. 

Download WinRar HERE

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